NJMP Thunderbolt - Jersey Devil National June 2011

Qualified on the pole, lowered my existing track record by a second, and won the race. Unfortunately I melted a piston with 2 laps to go, so the engine is done. Ride along for the track record lap.

Summit Point National - May 2011

Got the trans back from Comprent with everything fixed. Put the car on the pole, won, and set a new track record. Ride along for the track record lap.

VIR Double National April 2011

The fast kids showed up to practice for the Pro race again this year. Finished 5th on a wet-drying track Saturday, thought I was about to lap someone at the end- did not realize it was for position or I'd have pushed harder and likely would have had 4th. Finished 4th on a dry track Sunday after coming out on top of a good race with Tilden. The Pro kids took the top 3. Had shifting issues all weekend. Tried a few things to help it but didn't resolve it, so the box went home with Kevin from Comprent for some much overdue maintenance.

Playing on the GSXR600 at Summit Point

Bought a race bike to use as a track toy instead of the Hayabusa. The debut at Summit Point was on a moist to drying day that never got over 45 degrees. Ride along for a session here.

One rider managed to crash between the staging area and the track- check out the top right corner of this video.